245i Status Adjustment Possible Under Provisions

245i Status Adjustment Possible Under Provisions

245i Status Adjustment

As a top national immigration law firm, Rivas & Associates provides current and potential clients with an extensive array of services – one of which includes 245i status adjustment for those who continue to qualify. 

Providing a 245i status adjustment is a complex service which requires consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney.

The Importance and Background of Section 245i of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Congress passed a law in 1994 which enabled noncitizens a path to obtain a green card without having to leave the United States. The act was important because prior to 1994, a noncitizen present in the U.S. without legal immigration status was unable to attain a green card.

According to the National Immigration Forum, “the purpose of the law was to allow families to avoid the long periods of separation required to go through the green card process from outside the United States. This law is identified as section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

Although Section 245i Adjustment was terminated in 1997, Congress reinstated the act on two separate occasions before it was ended again in April of 2001. Though there are no present-day amnesty immigration programs in the U.S., certain “grandfathering” provisions remain available through 245i – one which is that the children of those who obtained a 245i.

245i Status Adjustment: Who Qualifies?

Even though it has been more than 20 years since the 245i program was active, it continues to affect the lives and immigration status of foreign nationals living in the U.S. today. Section 245i grandfathering permits spouses and children of 245i eligible person to apply under the provisions of 245i for permanent residence despite certain immigration violations.

When the amnesty program was available, the two groups of people who qualified for 245i status adjustment included: those who entered the country illegally and those who entered legally but stayed beyond the expiration of their visas.

Status adjustments to 245i were also frequently based on family relationships and employment.

Why Consult with a Knowledgeable Immigration Attorney?

The immigration attorneys of Rivas & Associates see the residual effects of amnesty programs in many of our client’s lives. Several people have been left in complicated legal situations related to section 245i.

Our committed team of attorneys and legal personnel are here to help resolve these complex problems and provide you with a knowledgeable appraisal of how the law applies to your particular case. This might event pertain to an individual or family member who has lost their receipt to 245i status adjustment.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., Rivas & Associates assists clients both nationally and internationally. The firm channels much of its work to adjusting visa applications including but not limited to:

U Visas

Family-Based Immigration Petitions

Naturalization and Citizenship  

Contact Rivas & Associates today to set up a personal consultation with an experienced and dedicated immigration attorney.

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