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The attorneys at Rivas & Associates are dedicated to each of their clients and their stories. Guided through shared values and mutual respect, our team is committed to serving those seeking their American Dream.

Lorena Rivas

Senior Attorney

Lorena Rivas is an experienced and accomplished immigration law attorney. She brings a dynamic and accomplished skill set to the firm, highlighted by her work on many complex and high stakes immigration cases in and outside of the state.

Super Lawyer Lorena Rivas
Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Court

Elissa Stiles

Supervising Attorney

Elissa Stiles, an associate attorney with Rivas & Associates, dedicates herself to the practice of immigration law by focusing on family petitions, citizenship applications, asylum cases, visas for victims of crime, deportation defense, and appeals.

Grisel Wilson

Experienced Attorney

Grisel Wilson is an experienced attorney in criminal and immigration law. She gained trial experience as a former public defender in Eastern Kentucky, representing a variety of clients charged with simple misdemeanors to serious felony offenses.

Hayley Lutz

Emerging Attorney

Hayley Lutz is an emerging attorney with the Tulsa Law Firms of the Lawyers of Kendall Whittier and Rivas & Associates where she focuses on the diverse needs of clients within the field of immigration law. Hayley brings to the table an immense passion for research and advocacy and bringing about a positive change in the lives of her clients.

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