Biden Seeks to Promote, Ease Naturalization Process for Green Card Holders

Biden Seeks to Promote, Ease Naturalization Process for Green Card Holders

Naturalization Process

While on the presidential campaign trail last October, Joe Biden promised to make naturalization easier for green card holders. 

The current United State President delivered on that promise earlier this month when Biden unveiled an unprecedented plan to “encourage eligible immigrants to apply for US citizenship.” 

The move comes in direct contrast to many Republican-dominated state legislatures seeking to enact policies to make it more difficult to vote, while Biden’s move to ease some requirements for naturalization could expand the voting population. 

Earlier in his term, Biden announced that naturalization and civics test would be changed back to its 2008 version which had previously been retired by former President Donald Trump Dec. 1, 2020.

CNN reported that Biden’s effort stems from previous executive orders which “called on federal agencies to develop ‘welcoming strategies that promote integration, inclusion, and citizenship.’”

The publication also stated that “(t)he idea is to find a whole-of-government way to reach out to people who are able to naturalize.”

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services reported that there are up to 9 million “lawful permanent residents” living in the US who may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Between March and April of this year, the USCIS processed over 180,000 naturalization applications. Biden not only wants more applications to go through, the 46th President wants to better promote and celebrate the naturalization process.

Some of these measures include: “holding naturalization ceremonies at national parks to raise awareness, partnering with the US Postal Service to display promotional posters at Postal Service facilities about becoming a US citizen, and engaging with the Department of Veterans Affairs and veteran service organizations to find ways to educate service members and veterans on citizenship, according to the strategy, titled ‘Interagency Strategy for Promoting Naturalization.’”

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