Braxton Coil Enjoys Playing Vital Role at Rivas & Associates

Braxton Coil Enjoys Playing Vital Role at Rivas & Associates

Braxton Coil immigration review attorney

The multiple facets of immigration law suit Braxton Coil just fine.

As Rivas & Associates newest Immigration Review Attorney, Braxton plays a vital role in assuring the nationally-recognized immigration law firm meets its monthly goals and the expectations of its esteemed clientele.

Braxton frequently serves as one of the last lines of defense for clients as a review attorney. She reviews various packets and paperwork before they are sent to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

“Every day is a new adventure and involves something different,” Braxton Coil said during a recent interview. “Immigration law is constantly changing and there are so many misperceptions and facets about it. I am always on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what will come next. We are never bored here because there are some many people out there who need help.”

Braxton embraces both the pressure and intensity that come with working at one of the nation’s more in-demand immigration law firms.

An Oklahoma native, Braxton grew up in Edmond before moving on to play college softball at Missouri State University.

“I think the competitive atmosphere of being a college athlete definitely helped prepare me for law,” Braxton said. “The position I played (catcher) forced me to think on my feet and go through multiple scenarios throughout each game which you need to do as an attorney.”

Braxton majored in psychology and minored in Spanish while at Missouri State, but she entered her undergrad years knowing she wanted to pursue a career in law.

“Going to law school was just always something I wanted to do,” Braxton said. “I knew I wanted to seek a career in a profession where I could help people.”

Braxton attended law school at Oklahoma City University and graduate in May of 2019 before quickly moving on an passing the Bar Exam in July that same year.

Although she has been an immigration attorney since 2019, Braxton joined Rivas & Associates in 2022 and says the firm has been a great fit.

“I work for a truly amazing firm,” Braxton Coil said. “The support and resources we have in place and are able to provide our clients is second to none.”

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