Rivas & Associates Establishes Client Advocacy Department for Greater Client Support

Rivas & Associates Establishes Client Advocacy Department for Greater Client Support

Client Advocacy Department

Through patience, organization, and a healthy dose of empathy, Rivas & Associates is re-rewriting the playbook on client relations.

The firm recently launched a Client Advocacy Department designated solely to client advocacy and helping clients better maneuver through some of the day-to-day challenges they face.

“People often start a process with an attorney and then don’t hear from,” said Client Advocacy Department supervisor Linda Allegro. “We don’t want our clients to have that experience at Rivas & Associates. Through this community advocacy program, our clients will have a trusted resource available to them when they are met with frustration or encounter roadblocks as they continue to gain a stable foothold in the United States.”

If Linda Allegro’s name sounds familiar, it should. Allegro was the former Project Director of New Sanctuary Network Tulsa before joining forces with Rivas & Associates where she supervises a department of eight. Allegro is all but certain the department will grow in number and impact.

“This department is the vision of Lorena Rivas and has her imprints all over it,” Linda Allegro said. “Her clients know she is very accessible and relatable which is so vitally important to what many of them are going through Our work here embodies what she stands for.”

Implementation of Client Advocacy Department Reinforces Tulsa Immigration Law Firm as Cutting Edge

The overarching operating philosophy of Rivas & Associates Client Advocacy Department really is nothing more than elite customer service.

Allegro points out that this high level of service is often applied to clients who might be struggling with setting up an email account, downloading an app onto their phone, or enrolling their child in school.

“Things you and I might take for granted, we frequently help them out with,” Linda Allegro said. “Think about it, they are in a country foreign to them, they are experiencing a language barrier and now they are being asked to assimilate themselves into doing things they have never had to do before.

“We help them by explaining things to them and telling them where they need to go, but we primarily help them by constantly reassuring them. We are their biggest supporters.”    

While Allegro says Rivas & Associates is prepared to go above and beyond for its clients, there are limits.

“We are getting a lot of questions right now about taxes,” Linda Allegro said chuckling. “We are a law firm, not a tax firm, but we are putting together a list of referrals and we now have some resources available for where to go and how to file taxes.”

Above all, Allegro says Rivas & Associates and its newly formed Client Advocacy Department’s heart is in the right place.

“We are going to continue to evolve and think of better ways to support our clients,” Linda Allegro said. “That’s what makes Lorena Rivas and this firm so special.”  

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