Grisel Wilson Flourishes in Key Role with Rivas & Associates

Grisel Wilson Flourishes in Key Role with Rivas & Associates

Grisel Wilson

Grisel Wilson is no stranger to evaluating situations and making adjustments. After all, that is part of her job as immigration attorney and vital member of the Rivas & Associates team.

A strong case could be made, though, that Grisel Wilson began preparing herself for her current position the moment she took an internship with an immigration attorney in Northern Kentucky while in law school.

“It really was an eye-opening experience,” Grisel Wilson said during a recent Zoom interview. “I knew I had to get a background in criminal defense for me to really understand immigration law.”

After graduating law school from Western Michigan University, Grisel did immediately that – she sought out a position as a public defender in Southeastern Kentucky.

“You’re very underestimated as a public defender,” Grisel Wilson said. It’s a very demanding job, but also a rewarding one in that you encounter a lot of different clients and legal scenarios. It also gave me experience being inside a courtroom, trying cases and the opportunity to advocate for clients who came from all walks of life.”

Although Grisel has many fond memories of her stint as a public defender, she also knew she wanted to inevitably get back into immigration law.

That opportunity presented itself when she came across the Rivas & Associates website and saw that the firm was in the market for an attorney who could work remotely.

“I had never really thought about working remotely coming out of law school, but the (Coronavirus) pandemic really made remote work possible for a number of professions, including attorneys,” said Grisel Wilson, who continues to reside in Southeastern Kentucky. “One hundred percent of my work with the firm is done remotely. It’s pretty crazy, but there are so many software programs which enable me to work remotely and talk with my clients.”

As a consultation attorney with Rivas & Associates, Grisel often serves as the first line of defense. She makes contact with current and prospective clients and gathers information to determine whether the firms is in position to provide client relief.     

Although there are a number of challenges within in immigration law, Grisel is happy about the opportunity to serve as a key cog for a nationally-renowned immigration firm.

“I am very much enjoying it,” Grisel Wilson said. “I can’t believe I’m getting paid to work from home. I am very impressed with the management and firm. Lorena (Rivas) and Elissa (Stiles) have been excellent resources. I really want to continue to learn as much as I can. I’d like to take on a bigger attorney role.”

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