How to Identify a Knowledgeable Tulsa Immigration Law Attorney

How to Identify a Knowledgeable Tulsa Immigration Law Attorney

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The process of finding an attorney, much less a knowledgeable Tulsa immigration law attorney, can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor for many people.

Dealing with an immigration law issue not only is overwhelming, but also emotional, and few legal spheres are more complicated or complex than immigration law.

A good immigration law attorney can make all the difference in the world in your case, while a bad attorney could overcharge you or, even worse, fail to provide promised services and damage your case beyond repair.

Although finding a knowledgeable Tulsa immigration law attorney may seem like a daunting process, below are five steps you can take to better evaluate who is the right attorney for you or a loved one.

Look for Experience and Credentials First

As with most other professions, experience is typically a good precursor to determine one’s ability and level of competence. This notion holds particularly true in immigration law due it often being one of the more difficult legal areas to navigate. Generally, you will want to find an immigration attorney with at least five years experience.

Be cautious of an attorney who advertises to practice law in multiple legal arenas such as criminal law, family law, personal injury and immigration law. Instead, choose a Tulsa attorney, who focuses exclusively on immigration law.

Credentials also play an important role when researching an attorney. For instance, is the attorney ranked by SuperLawyers® and what criteria does that organization use to evaluate lawyers? Additionally, is the attorney a member of organizations like the American Immigration Council?

Evaluate the Attorney’s Reputation and Standing in the Community

Another aspect to carefully consider when evaluating an attorney is her reputation within the community.

One way to get an idea would be to see if the firm’s website contains a “publicity” or a “in the media” section and what type of articles and stories have been written about the attorney in other publications.

Check to also see if the attorney is actively involved within her community, particularly where the firm’s office is located and whether or not that neighborhood is diverse.  

Examine the Immigration Services Offered

Not all immigration law attorneys provide the same breadth of services. It is comforting to know that your attorney has the ability and skill to handle any and all immigration issues which may arise.

Do your homework and research what specific immigration practice areas the attorney and firm provides.

Avoid Attorneys Who Prowl USCIS or Other Immigration Office Hallways 

If an attorney is pitching his services to you at an immigration office out of the blue, do yourself a favor and walkaway. Not only is that type of behavior considered unethical, it also should give you a good indicator as to just how busy that particular attorney is practicing law.

Simply put: a good immigration attorney is going to be too busy advocating and fighting for her clients to pitch to you at an immigration office.

Research, Research, Research

A little research goes a very long way. When in doubt research what the attorney and firm is about on the internet through their website, social media pages and by what others are saying in the local media.

Don’t be afraid to compare attorneys while researching, but understand that the above characteristics can often distinguish a knowledgeable Tulsa immigration law attorney from a not so knowledgeable Tulsa immigration law attorney. 

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