Lorena Rivas Frequently Takes to Facebook Live

Lorena Rivas Frequently Takes to Facebook Live

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Long after her dedicated associates and colleagues at Rivas & Associates have left work for the evening, Lorena Rivas remains busy.

The standout Tulsa immigration attorney knows there is always work to be done and Rivas takes advantage of all available platforms, including the well-known social media site Facebook.

Every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. (CST), Rivas hosts a Facebook Live telecast from her Kendall Whittier office in which she discusses important and timely immigration law issues.

Lorena Rivas Facebook Live show is titled, “La Abogada Lorena Contesta.”  It is titled “The Attorney Lorena Answers (as in answers your questions)” in English.

Those who wish to tune in should visit the Rivas & Associates Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Rivas will be discussing the effects of criminal arrests and convictions and other immigration news this week.

Last week, Rivas talked about the implications of domestic abuse. The high-profile immigration attorney has also touched on DACA, Business Immigration and Asylum in previous weeks.

“Facebook has been a great outlet for so many other businesses – restaurants, real estate agencies, landscaping companies,” Rivas said. “I thought ‘why can’t a law firm take advantage of this platform?’ Like most everyone else, I am active on Facebook. I enjoy seeing peoples’ celebrations and achievements, but Facebook is also a vehicle which can provide a tremendous amount information when delivered in the right fashion.

“I know it is an outlet which is used by my current and perspective clients and so many others impacted by immigration law. The show has been fun, and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback. I think it has been an excellent resource for many seeking answers to important immigration issues.”

That Rivas has taken to Facebook to offer valuable insight and information should come as no surprise. The high-profile Tulsa immigration law attorney has been innovative and driven throughout her legal career. 

Not only was she the 2018 recipient of the Fern Holland Award, given annually to a lawyer who advocates for human rights or the empowerment of women, Rivas is a three-time Super Lawyers® Rising Stars selection. 

Rivas was recognized in 2016 by the Tulsa Business & Legal News as being one of the city’s “most accomplished professional women” with their annual Women of Distinction Awards.

“I am a proud daughter of two Mexican nationals,” Rivas said. “Immigration law is something that is constantly impacting my life whether it be with family members, friends or my clients. I am very passionate about advocating and fighting for immigration law relief.”

Tune into Lorena Rivas Facebook Live every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. (CST).

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