Mexico Consulate Office Coming to Oklahoma City

Mexico Consulate Office Coming to Oklahoma City

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In an effort to further expand and improve their consular services throughout the United States, Mexico government officials are targeting Oklahoma. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard recently announced that Oklahoma City will house one of two new Mexico Consulate Offices coming to the United States.

The addition will be of great benefit to many Mexican citizens living throughout Oklahoma, as the closest Mexico Consulate Office is located in Little Rock, Ark. – some four hours from Tulsa and five hours from Oklahoma City.

The Pew Research Organization highlighted how the Hispanic population in Oklahoma was the 24th largest in the nation following the 2016 presidential election. It is one which continues to grow with many residents hailing from Mexico.

The Consulate of Mexico Office in Oklahoma City will provide many Mexico nationalists with added assistance in several areas. Some of these include helping Mexican citizens receive identification, employment, and property documents.

Consulate offices also aid with the following:

  • provision of replacement travel documents
  • advice and support in the case of an accident, serious illness, or death
  • advice and support to victims of serious crime overseas, and arranging for next-of-kin to be informed
  • visitation contact with incarcerated nationals
  • liaison with local police officials in the case of nationals abducted or missing overseas
  • loans to distressed travelers
  • help during crises, such as civil unrest and natural disasters
  • facilitating the overseas payment of social welfare benefits
  • registering citizen births abroad
  • providing a list of local doctors and lawyers for medical and/or legal issues

“This is a big deal to Mexican immigrants living in Oklahoma,” said Robert Ruiz, president of Scissortail Community Development Corp in a Oct. 26 interview with The Oklahoman. “We have people driving from Oklahoma to Arkansas right now for these services, which obviously is a hardship for a lot of immigrant families.” 

Although a specific location for new Oklahoma City consulate office has yet to be selected, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt is excited about the announcement, saying that “It was absolutely time for a Mexican consulate in Oklahoma City, and I thank all the people who advocated for it, and the Mexican government for its commitment.”

Lorena Rivas echoes Holt’s sentiments. The prominent Tulsa immigration attorney said the new office will be a great resource for many of her clients, not to mention many other Mexico nationalists living in the Tulsa area.

“There definitely is a need for an office here in Oklahoma,” Lorena Rivas said. “The more we are able to create a better path to these services the better.” 

Rivas & Associates is a full-service Tulsa immigration law firm located in Kendall Whittier – the epicenter of Hispanic culture in the city. The firm is knowledgeable and experienced in handling all facets of immigration law including modifying and fixing documents for various visas. Contact Rivas & Associates today.

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