U Visa Application Process

This immigration legislation, passed in 1994, allows non-US citizens who are facing marital/family problems to obtain immigration status independent of their U.S. Citizen/Resident spouse or parent. Allow us to help you and support you in obtaining legal status in the US! At Rivas & Associates, we want you to achieve your American dream, and that […]

Naturalization & Citizenship

Path to U.S. Citizenship Supported

If you have been lawfully residing in the United States for several years, you will likely become eligible for US citizenship. The Rivas & Associates team can help you apply for and achieve status as a US citizen. In addition, naturalization applies to spouses and children of US citizens and is another way to obtain […]

Cancellation of Removal

Deportation removal defense

Deportation and removal can happen if you violate immigration law while residing in the United States. For example, if you have entered the country unlawfully, overstayed your Visa, or violated your current status, you may face deportation or removal from the United States. Rivas & Associates can defend your deportation case and help you remain […]

U Visa

UVisas are available to victims of certain crimes who have helped law enforcement or government officials to investigate said crimes. You may be eligible for a UVisa. The UVisa was created to support law enforcement and victims in ending unreported crimes and continuous victimization. Call Rivas & Associates today to determine if your situation qualifies […]

Family-Based Petition

To establish lawful status in the United States under a family-based visa, a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident will have to file a family-based petition for their incoming family member. Spouses, parents, children, and siblings can qualify, but family-based visas are not guaranteed and can be challenging to obtain.  Rivas & Associates specializes in […]