Cancellation of Removal

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Cancellation of Removal

Deportation and removal can happen if you violate immigration law while residing in the United States. For example, if you have entered the country unlawfully, overstayed your Visa, or violated your current status, you may face deportation or removal from the United States.

Rivas & Associates can defend your deportation case and help you remain in the United States lawfully.

Cancellation of Removal

If you find yourself in removal proceedings (or suspect that removal proceedings will begin soon), call Rivas and Associates right away. You may be eligible for cancellation of removal if specific criteria are met. Our team can help you to establish proof that you meet the necessary criteria and can help to keep you in the US on a lawful and permanent basis.

Prosecutorial Discretion and Waivers

The term “prosecutorial discretion” refers to the authority given to a government agency or officer to decide which charges to bring in a legal case. In immigration law, prosecutorial discretion is often exercised in determining where to focus immigration resources. If you are residing in the US unlawfully, you may not become the focus of prosecutorial discretion for years at a time.

If you are ever caught in government cross-hairs, you will want an experienced immigration attorney by your side. You will want the team from Rivas & Associates. We can help to establish that you are eligible for relief so that you may lawfully stay in the US.

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