The Lawyers of Kendall Whittier Featured by Visit Kendall Whittier

The Lawyers of Kendall Whittier Featured by Visit Kendall Whittier

The Lawyers of Kendall Whittier

Whether it is on the local stage or the national state, Lorena Rivas has little trouble making a splash wherever she goes.

The three-time Super Lawyers® selection is regarded by many to be among the best immigration law attorney not just in Tulsa but in the country.

Rivas was chosen to close of the 2019 American Heritage Awards with her impassioned speech titled “This is America.”

The Mutual, Oklahoma native also has traveled to our nation’s capital multiple times to discuss and advocate the need for immigration reform with state and national legislators on Capitol Hill.   Locally. Rivas was selected as the 2018 winner of the distinguished Fern Holland Award which is awarded to a lawyer who advocates for human rights or the empowerment of women.

Most recently, accomplished Oklahoma immigration attorney was profiled by the Visit Kendall Whittier Website during a recent Q & A interview promoting one of Rivas’ firms – The Lawyers of Kendall Whittier — which she started up in May with former University of Tulsa College of Law classmates Mary McMillien and Sarah Schmook.

The primary areas of practice for The Lawyers of Kendall Whittier are immigration law, family law and criminal law, Rivas’ other firm, Rivas & Associates is a full-service Tulsa immigration law firm.  

The feature highlights how The Lawyers of Kendall Whittier “is a law firm that serve the legal needs of our community. We help people with their immigration, criminal and family law problems.”

Rivas also added during the Q & A that:

“The mission of our firm is to empower our clients as they navigate the legal system and become integral members of our community. All the founding members of the firm became lawyers because the legal system at one time or another played a pivotal part in our life and desire to become lawyers.

“Because we personally have dealt with the legal system, we want to ensure that our clients have a good experience as much as possible.”

Rivas emphasized that there are a lot of challenges that come with running a business such as working as administrator, sales manager, marketing director and even a custodian in addition to her primary role of being a high-demand attorney.

Still, Rivas would not have it any other way. She loved ability to be able “to dictate the direction and image of the business” as she sees fit.

It likely also doesn’t hurt that whenever Rivas needs a change of scene from her 2417 E. Admiral Blvd. office she can just head next door to 918 Coffee and sip on a Chai.

As one of the recently selected Kendall Whittier Main Street Board of Directors, Rivas is pretty well known throughout the historic Tulsa community.

And its a Tulsa Community which also is making a pretty big splash. Earlier this year, Kendall Whittier Main Street was named one of just three nationwide winners of the 2020 Great American Main Street Award (GAMSA) by Main Street America®   

“Terrific honor, Rivas said. “Kendall Whittier is a great area with a lot of diversity. It is so great to be a part of this community. Whether you work or reside in this area, everyone has a deep appreciation for one another and wants to see our area continue to grow and thrive.”

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