Rivas & Associates Celebrates Memorable March at Tulsa Hispanic Business Expo

Rivas & Associates Celebrates Memorable March at Tulsa Hispanic Business Expo

Tulsa Hispanic Small Business Expo

Lorena Rivas couldn’t help but reflect a little and smile a lot Saturday at Plaza Santa Cecilia in Tulsa.

Her ever-growing Rivas & Associates empire stood front and center at the first inaugural Hispanic Business Expo held March 25 in Tulsa.

“It was a great event, and one we had circled on our calendar as a law firm,” Lorena Rivas said. “Our community has a presence in Tulsa and continues to grow. We are so thankful for the opportunity to participate and connect with the other Hispanic business that are such a vital part of our community and what continues to make Tulsa flourish.”

The event caps off a huge March for Rivas & Associates.

The well-known Tulsa immigration law firm was named to the prestigious Inc.com list of Fastest Growing Businesses in the Southwest earlier in the month to further highlight the firm’s rapid growth.

That accomplishment foreshadowed an even bigger accomplishment when Lorena Rivas announced the firm would be moving into a state-of-the-art 20,000 square-foot, $1.65 million dollar Tulsa Midtown headquarters in the Spring of 2024 a week later.

“It’s been a busy, memorable month,” a smiling Lorena Rivas said. “To be able to celebrate our success with so many other notable businesses in the Tulsa Latina community really is the sugar on top. We love Tulsa and are so incredibly proud to be a part of this network.”

Rivas & Associates was one of 60 owned Spanish-speaking businesses to participate at the Tulsa Hispanic Business Expo event, and people took notice.

Multiple media outlets, including local NBC affiliate KRJRH 2 News Oklahoma reported on the Hispanic Business Expo. Not surprisingly, Lorena Rivas’ perspective was sought out.

Lorena Rivas told 2 News Oklahoma reporter Kaitlyn Rivas, “Immigrants are entrepreneurs by nature. We are building businesses left and right, we are contributing to the economy and to communities. Every business that has maybe a Spanish name for us, it’s like yes, that person is living their dream, is working hard. It’s making jobs, it’s helping so much.”

Although the firm has nearly 100 employees and a national and international presence, Rivas & Associates remains entrenched in the Tulsa epicenter of Hispanic culture – the iconic Kendall Whittier neighborhood.

Lorena Rivas serves on the Kendall Whittier Main Street Board of Directors. The firm’s presence has only enhanced the area and added to its rich tradition. Kendall Whittier was one of only three winners of the 2020 Great American Main Street Award. The firm has actively participated in the Night Light Tulsa outreach program, Tulsa Pride Parade, Cinco de Mayo Festival, and many other local events.

“We are very blessed to be a part of Tulsa and the Latina community,” Lorena Rivas said. “We are only going to grow and do bigger things together.”     

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